April 17, 2023
Ask Deepak

Not Meditating.


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Hi Deepak, if meditation is not part of ones journey right now and one continually meditates against their natural flow, could this hinder their progress and strengthen one’s ego? Also, would there come a point on one’s journey where all meditation techniques no longer work and it is now required of them to let go of a formal practice and let go to god, into the flow of the universe? Even if my understanding is wrong, it would help greatly to hear your response. Thank you for being you and all the help and wisdom you give to the world.


It could be possible that meditation is not part of one’s spiritual journey, but if you are meditating correctly, it certainly won’t hinder your progress or strengthen your ego. Genuine meditation is effortlessly guided by your inner nature and will only connect you to your spiritual evolution and true self. 

Meditation will continue to work as long as there is a higher self to know and experience more thoroughly. 



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