July 16, 2013

Non-Visual Vision.


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Dear Deepak, friends of ours have an adult son who is autistic and totally blind, not only is he blind, but his eyes are permanently closed. Unsurprisingly he has incredible musical skills and can replay a tune on the piano after hearing it only once, but more amazingly he can give you directions while driving your car, not only can he tell you where and when to turn, regardless of whether the traffic lights have been green or red up 'till that point, but he also "show" you shortcuts to your destination. I realise that Autism is not well understood, but how on earth is he doing this and can there be some sort of non-local element that he is utilising?


Thanks for sharing this remarkable story. I honestly do not understand the mechanism involved, but as you say, it seems to involve a non-local field phenomenon of consciousness where his internal visual space can superimpose itself on the 3d environmental space and transfer real time information without visual signals through the optic nerve. You may be interested to read a fellow Brit Rupert Murdock and his books on on Morphogenetic Fields.
Anecdotally, Ray Charles was said to have demonstrated to an incredulous friend that he could drive down the street without hitting anything, presumably because of this same sense of inner perceptual space projected into the environment. It all points to a view of human consciousness that is less tied to the physical neurons than we previously thought.


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  1. Born To B Free

    "fellow Brit Rupert Murdock", you mean Dr Rupert Sheldrake. Murdoch is an entirely different animal.

  2. Helene Jablonka

    Wow,simply amazing!!!

  3. Emmanuel Ozoria


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