May 31, 2023
Ask Deepak

Negative Thoughts.


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Hello Deepak, When I try to meditate I begin to think of negative things compounding my issues. How can I increase my ability to block these things out, my inner peace is gone.


You don’t need to block these thoughts, you only need the willingness to leave them and return to meditation once you realize you aren’t thinking the mantra. For that you need to understand the role that thoughts have in meditation. When you begin meditating you are engaging a process of diving deep into silence, and then emerging out into thoughts as old conditioning and stress get released. This then allows you to now dive more deeply. This inward and outward mental cycle continues throughout your meditation period. All thoughts that occur during this time indicate that something has been released and now you are ready to return to the mantra and dive inward again. It doesn’t matter if the thoughts are negative, positive or neutral. They all are just signals that the outward phase of mediation is complete and you are ready to resume the inward phase.



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