September 1, 2023
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Why does my head feel heavier than my body during meditation?.


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Hi Deepak, First of all I am grateful to you for helping me transform through your books, guided meditations, articles etc…. I have been doing meditation for 2 years. For the past 4 months, I have been doing it consistently without any break- every day the same time. I use different methods though, sometimes with guided meditation or just “body awareness” or reiki meditation or mantra meditations.

Recently I am feeling a greater sense of relaxation both in my Mind and Body. I can bring my awareness inside very quickly nowadays, (Still I haven’t experienced “no-mind” state) But my doubt is that, nowadays while meditating when my body is completely relaxed, I can sense a vibration/ lightness in my body, but in the head part, I couldn’t feel anything. Just above my throat, I couldn’t find any relaxation, I don’t know why. And as soon as I identify that my head is not relaxed or not in sync with my body, I immediately come out of that relaxation from my whole being.

My experience is not the same every day, but I feel like I am stuck in the head part every day. In the sitting posture, my head will be heavy during this relaxed state. In the middle of my sleep if I am disturbed, at that time, my head is grounded but my body is free. I feel like, why I am not free?

I just want to know why my head is not having the same body experience even though I am not anxious or turbulent inside? Do I have to change my method of meditation?

Please help.



Your meditation practice is effective and complete just as it is.

The sensation  that your head is not up to speed with the rest of your body during meditation doesn’t mean that anything is wrong or not unfolding quick enough. It only suggests that you have some lingering blockage there that will take some time to clear.

Don’t be worried or impatient. It will eventually release and you will feel that lightness and relaxation throughout your body.



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