July 2, 2012

Muhammad`s Motive.


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I just read your book, "Muhammad", which is a very interesting read, not only because of the powerful story telling skill, but also because of the awareness of the details of the place, the timing, and the way of thinking, coming from someone who was born a Muslim, but now consider myself agnostic. My question is: What was Muhammad's true motivation? from my point of view, I think he was one of two things: 1- Someone who actually thought he saw Gabriel, God, Buraq…..etc. 2- A selfish leader who has represented the "ultimate" sales and marketing pitch and product (Fear of death and hopes for eternity). However, I might be off here, because, to play the devil's advocate, in defense of the first motivation, I don't think someone who saw shadows will be a great leader who people would listen to, I mean, a leader if anything should have some sense of common sense, and logic. And in defense of the second motive, if he was an evil and he knew it, then I don't think he would have been as successful as he was for that long simply because he knows that he is not doing the right thing! So to conclude, what do you think Muhammad truly believed? I appreciate your input.


I think the purity of Muhammad’s motive is apparent in his teachings. He seems to have been a simple soul who reluctantly answered the spiritual calling to convey the message he was given to others. Your second option that he had a great sales pitch makes sense. Given the other religions available at the time in that area of the world, the teaching of fear of death and hope of salvation wasn’t unique, or a particularly effective way to gather a following. I think his message of monotheistic reform had a special power and energy that stirred something deep and real in people, and that was the main reason why his teaching spread the way it did.


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  1. R A Barry

    To know Muhammad`s motive, I think one has to look at what he preached.Was that preaching aimed at gaining wealth and wordly possessions, glory, tribal leadership, etc etc. What I find from reading this booki is that He conveyed the message of one God and to worship him.He lived a very simple life. His life was about worshiping God and spreading his name inspite of the terribal hardships that he faced during his struggle. In view of these facts it seems that his motive was pure spiritual.

  2. cynic

    i doubt that Muhammad`s message was just about Fear of death and hopes for eternity , there`s ALOT in the middle that we are cutting wrt to Koran e.g through his talks and actions Muhammad was perhaps sorting out mannerism of dark ages of the Arab culture then. But the deeper message is there in the Koran. which is symbolic cultural "wisdom" through medieval stories of history and kinda brings back to ancient human memory and human x cosmic consciousness that Deepak actually talks about.

  3. Sufi Ahmed

    Our Master is not a prophet, and God does not exsit. god, which is in the sky ore far from us somewhere. La ilahe Our Master Muhammed, is the Rasul of Allah. Like he said; Nefsini bilen Rabbni bilir which means the one who knows him Self he will know/find his Lord :) For example revelation, it didnt come from a god in the sky :) La ilahe illa Allah, Muhammeden Rasul Allah

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