March 30, 2023
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Moving Away.


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Dear Deepak. Five years ago my husband and I moved across the country to be near his family. Both his parents were disabled and over time we have helped them and his aunt (who also raised him) and who suffers from a severe form of arthritis. We purchased a home and had 2 kids. His father died and so did mine. Over time we have realized that we want to go back to where we are from (Florida). Over time we have realized that we do not like this area, the customs, the weather, the lack of job opportunities, etc. All in all, we do not want to raise our family here. I have made an effort to take the kids at least twice a week to see their grandparents over the last 3 and a half years and so the kids have a good close relationship with them. The problem arose when we told his family that we wanted to move next year. They have reacted in anger, disbelief, and now they are accusing me and my mother of orchestrating the move. They do not support my husband with the move and tell them they are extremely disappointed in him. My husband is sad and destroyed. He is the most committed son and according to him, if it was not for them being here, we would have moved a long time ago. We are exhausted and saddened. They have decided to no longer include me anymore in conversations. They also do not say hello to me or make eye contact when they come pick up or drop the kids off. Any suggestions? We are not sure what we did wrong or how to handle the situation.


Your reasons for moving for the sake of your children makes sense to me. And given the nasty reaction of his family to the decision, you now have another reason why that area is no longer a supportive environment for your family. More than anything else, this seems like a big wake-up call for your husband, who moved all of you out there for his family, and now he has to come to terms with the fact that his concern for their best interests is not reciprocated. They are not willing to support your wishes for your children, and they are willing to shut off communication with you out of anger and vindictiveness. This is a hard lesson for a dutiful son to come to terms with. But moving is the right answer. They are not likely to back down and listen to your perspective at this point. 



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