September 27, 2021
Ask Deepak

Mother’s Fear.


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I have grown up in a very secure atmosphere with the domination of my mother. She was very particular about everything. We used to do things because of her fear. Now I am grown up however I feel the same fear which I think has become a hindrance in my self-confidence. Although I have done my Masters Degree, I still feel that fear deep inside me. I am not able to express myself freely. I feel a huge burden while expressing my thoughts. How do I come out of this?


You won’t be free of your mother’s fearful influence until you become a mature adult and become your own person with your own ideas, feelings and reactions.  You have to do that for yourself, not merely through higher education, but by making big life decisions and living the consequences of those actions. Becoming an adult requires some courage and the acceptance of some missteps along the way. Once you get started you will be exhilarated by the sense of freedom and joy that comes with entering into adulthood. After that, you will feel some of the responsibility and burden that comes with it as well, but that is how you grow and gain wisdom. From there, there is no going back to living a secondhand life in the shadow of your mother’s fear.



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