April 6, 2023
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How do you deal with the idea of mortality and the fear of what is to come after this life? Feeling so small and finite as a human is often very struggle-some for me.


You may find my book Life After Death helpful. Mortality is the end of this body’s lifespan, but it is not the end of your spiritual existence—your real life. You could consider your infancy to have had a lifespan, and you survived it. It turns out your inner self was bigger than that body and set of experiences. The same goes for the self you outgrew as a toddler, child, and adolescent. All of those physical transitions were kinds of death that your higher self carried forward into the next version of you. 

This is also happening to your body constantly. All the cells in your body have been replaced many, many times, yet your essential self has survived all those billions of cell deaths of the old you. The body is certainly small and finite, but your true self is not small or finite. It is the very essence of universal existence. 



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