September 21, 2012

Missing God.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

We label as God mere glimpses of higher reality, like seeing one figure in Da Vinci's Last Supper. A glimpse fills us with wonder, but the whole thing has been missed.

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  1. trish

    Recognition of that enormous possibility then engages the need for a more mature responsibly to take on your role...... so many want their anger to be reality based, but by creating your own walls – even if you feel boxed in – cements a less mature sense of safety..... a basic human need...and limiting that brings comfort in an odd way. A larger vision of God breaks those walls and seems disrespectful to the founding teachings of God.... seems...but is not.

  2. Michael Cupo

    Through the world of thought we are limited. We try and define the undefinable with words. Such words as Love and God encompass their own true nature without a needed explanation. When we go beyond thought to the place of stillness, we are one with eternity. It is only through our limited mind which wants everything in a box of space and time that we believe our will becomes separate from Gods will and we don't reach our true potential. The separation is of our own doing. We can never not be who we truly are but it is only in stillness that this will be realized. One example of this is polluted water. No matter how polluted it is, its true nature is always pure. All that needs to be done to return the water to its true nature of purity is to remove the pollutants. Nothing needs to added for this to occur. In stillness our true potential exceeds any limit our mind puts on it.

  3. Poonam Dronamraju

    Love the quote.

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