December 28, 2021
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I feel as if misery is always following me. Why is that?


It probably seems that way, because in your mind, you have, in a certain respect, come to expect misery. Misery is an interpretation of an event that you supply, it is not inherent in the action itself, any more than disappointment, humor, gratitude or happiness are necessarily implied in any given event. So the question becomes, “Why do you see your  life in terms of misery?” Maybe it’s a defense mechanism you learned from a parent as a way to attract sympathy. Or maybe you unconsciously adopted it as a strategy to remain powerless and therefore blameless. You’ll need to reflect on this yourself and discover what apparent benefit you feel you get from this outlook and then decide if the emotional price you pay for it is worth it. If not, then you are free to explore other outlooks on life that offer greater happiness and success.



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