December 11, 2011



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Why isn’t mindfulness our natural state of consciousness? 


It is our natural state of awareness, but past mental conditioning has habituated us into identifying our inner reality with the objects of perception. That conditioning is difficult to break, but once we know our true self for what it is, independent of our external experience, then we know that mindfulness has always been our natural state.


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  1. Jeannine

    Great question to ponder on for a day or week or years. While pondering you can meditate on living in the now and ignoring your annoying, cynical " roommate" that lives inside of you. You can start to differentiate yourself from that disgusting being by just knowing that your listening to them. I watched a fascinating video on a similar topic. Check it out if you want your mind to expand!

  2. Mark

    Nicely put Deepak. Mindfulness, to me, is something like the quiet witness inside our minds that watches ourselves operate the levers of Rockem-Sockem Robots, which are purley on the physical plane. And in life, when we get our block knocked off, we get a better perspective of where we are in life.

  3. Aj Betancourt

    We have the survival state of mind. The only thing we would be mindful of is survival. So, ok I still can`t find a reason to believe that our true nature is Not to be mindful.

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