December 7, 2020
Ask Deepak

Mind, Brain and Perception.


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Hello Dr. Chopra, I follow you on Twitter and love your quotes. I watched one of your videos about our consciousness being part of the universal consciousness and therefore not the same thing as our brain and its activities, but rather our true self is the creator of the brain and the actions it performs. In that video you gave an example of us imagining a flower, let’s say a rose, and even so we see the rose but no picture of it seen in our brain. What we find in the brain is just electrical and chemical activities. I must point out that I truly believe that our spirit is not the same as our brain and your view on this is valid and correct because my personal experience supports that. My question is that if by any chance sometimes in the future scientists, by employing the more advanced technology were able to translate those brain activities (while we are imagining the rose) into the same picture of the rose that we see, WHAT WOULD THAT DISCOVERY MEAN TO US? I thank you in advance for taking the time to go over my question and look forward to knowing your answer to it.


If neuroscientists were able to mathematically understand brain activity as a kind of quantum brain functioning that followed the algorithms of image generation the way that certain present mathematical formulas are able to generate 3 dimensional images from captured moving images, then we would be on the way to having a scientific basis for understanding how our immaterial consciousness generates the neural activity that gives us the image of a rose. In other words, how our consciousness creates our experience of the world. This is not pure speculation as there is are researchers working on these very mathematical issues.



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