January 17, 2013

Mind and Brain.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Can you help illuminate what is the difference between the mind and the brain, how does the intuition work with the mind and how do our feelings express our relationship to ourselves.


The mind is the user of the brain, the way a piano player uses a piano to make music. You can think of intuition as sensitivity to creative impulses which the conscious mind can then use to interface with other thoughts and with the outer world. Our feelings reflect how open our connections of love and compassion with others are, or how restricted they might be leading to feelings of distrust, doubt, rejection and fear.


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  1. Patrick Jaillet

    the problem our mind is limited..

  2. Romain Machefer

    Nobody can hurt you unless yourself...but I have compassion for you...

  3. Paula Maldini

    after being hurt much and falled in delusion unexpected...!?

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