November 29, 2013

Milk and Eggs.


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Topic: What's wrong with eating chicken eggs and drinking milk? Dear Deepak, I am an ovo-lacto-vegetarian because I don't understand veganism. Once answer to why I shouldn't eat chicken eggs was given: Because it's a little chicken. But that is not true for most chicken eggs, certainly not for the ones you buy in the supermarket: They are not fertilized. As to why one shouldn't drink milk I don't understand at all. If you buy at a bio-shop there is no mass-exploitation or suffering from the animal involved. You can buy vegetarian cheese these days, with microbial rennet. I wish to understand, because I am seeking God, and many enlightened people insist on a vegan diet to achieve that. Why?


I see no problem in being an ovo-lacto vegetarian from ethically raised sources. I wasn’t suggesting vegan is the only correct diet. I was reassuring the questioner that a vegan diet can be healthy. Many of those who have realized God throughout the ages, did so without being vegan.


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  1. Sandwich

    Hi there you want to know why we can not have eggs It`s like this part 1 we keep chickens to give us eggs and then take the egg away from the mother of her baby egg Part 2 the egg is made of to parts part 1 is the yolk which is the part that turns in to the chick part 2 of two lol which is the white which is the chick milk that helps it turn into a chick when the mother set on the egg to heat it up and magic happens lol

  2. Angelica Miranda

    That place is incredible. That beautiful postcard

  3. Premlal Dhanilal

    How true Vegan is the way

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