October 23, 2023
Ask Deepak

How can we handle persistent melodies during meditation?.


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“I’ve been meditating for some time now, and have read much about what to do with thoughts that pop in as I meditate. 

What about a melody running through your head? 

Is that considered “thinking” in the same sense that thoughts are described by those who are experienced meditators? 

Does that diminish our present-ness in meditation? If so, how should one handle it? 

A song doesn’t drift away when I label it “thinking,” as thoughts do. Thanks for your guidance!”


Songs that pop into your head during meditation are just another kind of thought or mental activity. 

A catchy melody may linger or persist because it has a certain charm or attraction to the mind. 

Even so, know that it is only a thought. 

Don’t try to push it away, but just let your subtle attention, when it notices you are thinking the melody, easily favor the impulse of the mantra. 

If the melody is still too strong, that is fine, however soon it will fade and that slight mental leaning to the mantra will bring your attention inward again.



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