January 14, 2013

Mental Conflict Resolution.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 Deepak – complicated question for one I have deep respect for – From awareness of NLP concepts, and my recall of information in the "What The Bleep Do We Know" workup, the combination of beliefs stored in Neurological Levels, combined with the pace at which information bombards individuals today, overwhelmingly drives reactivity and subverts consciousness. If the sensory system can input (I'm fuzzy on the number here) 20 million events per second and the mind, assuming freedom from limiting states, can consciously process 2000 events per second, the misinformation, disinformation, distortions, myths and just plain untruths being piped via today's bought and paid for agenda driven media are subconsciously saturating the ego's belief system. If my perception of the Neurological Level concept is correct, the mind has no inherent process for reconciling conflicts between levels. For example – it does not consciously identify information stored at the capability level with a belief stored in the identity level, let alone the spirit level or any other level. With emotional triggering encouraging limiting states, a strategy of mainstream media on virtually every topic, the mind is continually driven to unconscious reference of unprocessed information. How do you see the odds of conscious thoughtfulness making headway over mindless reactivity in light of the above? It seems a hopeless situation.


If our human experience were nothing but the passive outputs from independent levels of the mind, then the possibility of aa conscious life it would be a hopeless situation. But fortunately that is not the case. At the center and basis of all active states of awareness is our silent core consciousness. This pure awareness is the origin of the various modes of cognition, emotion, ideation, sensation and even our sense of identity. By experiencing this deep core of our existence, all disparate expressions of our consciousness are automatically aligned and organized toward our inherent goal of self-actualization. That means that accessing your inner intelligence will resolve the conflicting responses of your mental and emotional levels of the mind that are generally driven by external stimuli.


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    Depak, You wisely point out a sign of our days, being bombarded by so much external stimuli we all get the feeling of an overwhelmed consciousnesses. On the other hand whoever has tried even for a few moments to be aware of the constant passage of their own thoughts, will realize the futility of most of them and how unrest are indeed our minds. That if we were to verbally reveal them out loud we would probably all end up locked in a mental institution. But that is not really a sign of present times but an ever present by product of consciousness, that throughout history has been called realization. Seems paradoxical that the more we are deprived of outer stimuli, we come to realize that the external is not to be blamed, for it might be the nature of the thought process as consisting of electromagnetic impulses flashing constantly in our brains, that can`t be refrained and probably shouldn`t be, even if we could. Because he who fights against the flow of water will probably end up drowning. It is wiser to step aside and watch the river flow, just by contemplating it you obtain a certain detachment or distance by which you can experience your own essence which is indeed the permanent existence of emanating glow of consciousnesses as different and detached from the mind process. The simile of a carriage being dragged by wild horses lacking the expert conduction of a expert pilot which then could indeed be compared with the consciousness. I don`t care for how long this situation has been carried on, probably ages as I said before, but a small glimpse of such reality can definitely upset the balance. And here we are in this worst of times and also the best of times, ready to witness the biggest overturn in history, first inside each and everyone of us and only then will also be outside in our society.

  2. Karim Melgar

    Solo y unicamente cuando renunciamos a interpretar o mal interpretar el personaje que elegimos y obstinamos en ser en vez de SER la perfeccion que somos sonreimos y no hacemos una mueca

  3. Farraday

    Beautifully expressed. Words that occur to me are "to ponder" and "soul". They are my defense against the ever accelerating chatter assaulting me from countless sources. Thank you for inspiring me to allow my better self to prevail.

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