November 22, 2015

Memory of the Self.


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Dear Deepak:

Thank you so much for all you have taught me. My life changed 🙂 When we reach no thought, or transcendence, do we have a memory of that state? I don´t think so from my experience … I believe I have been reaching it sometimes, and with amazement I realised it reminds me of similar episodes, states from childhood, teenage hood, where I had the same experience of absence “no memory”.  I know this sounds like a paradox. But it’s true. It happens to me all the time. Isn’t memory a map, an image? I just discovered as well that when I remind me of myself as a child, teenager, in some situation, I recreate the image in my mind, by seeing myself, which is also amazing. The observer. Life just gets so much broader. I come back to your words and understand them more and more, as I have been having the experience more and more.



When we experience our true self, it is awareness knowing itself, so it is a kind of remembering of our self. Enlightenment itself has been called a restoration of memory.  But it is different than a typical mental memory like what you ate for breakfast or what the square root of 625 is.  When consciousness is awake to its own nature, it knows or experiences itself not as an event in time and space, but as ever present awareness.   All the times in our life when we transcended and had that experience, whether it was childhood, adolescence or adulthood, we are experiencing that same presence of awareness even though it is always in the now, the present moment.  So it’s old like a memory, but always new, like the present.



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