February 15, 2013



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Deepak, I want to know if memories are part of our physical bodies or our soul?


Memories have a physical expression in the activity of the brain, but the memories themselves are nonlocal and nonphysical. There are parts of the brain that are associated with different cognitive functions, including different types of memories, but the memories are not in the brain cells, neurons and chemicals—the memories are expressed through that brain structure and activity.


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  1. miamicool

    There is an "Universal DNA Memory/knowledge" that is an integral part of our cells. We are born with it. We know good and bad, right and wrong; we are the ones that choose to ignore or listen to that innate DNA memory. If thought manifests our reality, when does the thought and subsequent action become a memory? Do all of our memories and experiences then flow into the "Universal Onenness, a global internet, a depository of all of our experinces at this level of existance. Just a thought...

  2. Ghost

    Dreams are definitely part of ur soul

  3. enlight

    Deepakji, does it mean memory is part of soul? since soul records all type of sanskars(impressions) and carry it out in next costume(body)it takes after death.

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