February 14, 2012



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Hi Deepak, I've been practicing meditation for quite a while, as a result of this practice a range of abilities have emerged including telepathy. I've noticed that the skill required to connect with people telepathically is the same as the skill required to connect with people who have passed on, who are dead for want of a better word.

The process is the same, connecting with their consciousness. Telepathy with living people can, therefore, be considered a means of sharpening one's skill for communicating with the dead. Having connected with a number of dead relatives, I have noticed that while all seemed perfectly happy none were aware that they were dead. They seemed to be in a kind of dream like state and completely unaware of their present condition of free-floating consciousness. Does this correspond to your experience? Do you think there are different states of consciousness after death for different people?


Your point about communicating with individuals telepathically whether they are embodied or not makes sense to me. The evolution of consciousness is a continuum whether one is in a physical body or not. But I think your interpretation that those who have died don’t know they are dead may be a little off. I know that is an idea that has been played with in a number of movies lately, but the death event is a big deal in the course of one’s life. What you may be picking up on is fact that those souls without bodies are still aware and thinking and communicating and therefore their real life has not ceased, so they do not see themselves as dead, only without physical bodies.

The other factor is that whereas most souls after death will shift their attention away from earthly concerns on to the next phase of their spiritual evolution. Those that you are more likely to communicate with are those who haven’t redirected their focus away from the physical dimension and therefore they are ignoring the obvious point of their lack of a physical body.


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  1. tony perno

    I signed up for the 21 day meditation and cannot upload it on my computer

  2. tony perno

    I signed up for the 21 day meditation and cannot upload it on my computer

  3. Raj Babu

    only one soul that is God. So mind can,t live after death without physical body . So it may not written by Deepak Sir self.

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