February 9, 2014

Meditation Struggle.


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Dear Deepak, I am struggling with my meditation practice (which, I'm sure, is diagnostic, huh?) … But, I am. I am in my 5th year of daily meditative practice, but lately, I find myself putting it off. And when I do sit down, I am having a more difficult time than ever bringing my thoughts back to my breath, quieting my racing mind and finding that sense of well-being and peace, which I have known in times past. In my daily life, I have never felt so clear and grounded, connected to others. I don't get it; what's happening? Thank you 🙂


Usually when a long-time meditator experiences this, the difficulty coming back to the mantra from thoughts is not the actual issue. There is typically a subtle impatient or irritated feeling that overlays the other thoughts. It is the judgment that the thoughts are a distraction from good meditation. So when you go back to the mantra, you haven’t left that irritated feeling or thought. Remember that thoughts are part of good meditation, Even if you have lots of thoughts in meditation, it is really okay. It means you are releasing a lot of old conditioning. Fully understanding that will allow you to come back
to the mantra easily.


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  1. Thikrayat

    When ever u feel pain just repeat the affirmation " I am srry for not being the son I want, I forgive u and let u free " repeat it as much as u can with feeling and send him love . I tried it in othere situations and it helped me release the anger . Try it and GOD bless u

  2. Omeakia Jackson


  3. Rose Gahm

    Really great answer, helped me too. Thanks

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