July 28, 2012

Meditation Position.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have been only meditating for about 2 months now. I used to be able to get a vibrating feeling on my forehead (third eye) but now I can't and do not really know why. I seem to have a hard time finding a comfortable sitting position to meditate. When I sit cross legged, my legs tend to get numb and "fall asleep" which ultimately distracts me from the whole process. I have a problem of sitting in one position for too long. What do you recommend I do?


Every time you sit to meditate it should be done without expectation. As we grow in spiritual experience and purity it is natural for our meditations to change in response to our varying needs. So if your forehead isn’t vibrating in meditation right now, that means that that experience is done for now and you are working on something else that is more important. Trust your connection to cosmic intelligence to unfold whatever experience in meditation you need at all times.
Regarding meditation posture, the important point is to be comfortable. If not sitting cross-legged is easier, then don’t. If you need to periodically readjust your position, that is fine too.


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  1. handlinger

    When meditating for extended periods, I switch back and forth between the half lotus positions and kneeling, sitting on my heels. I prefer to be upright and elongate my spine, but comfort is key.

  2. Ottawatcm

    Try some self massage stretching, like TCM dao yin or some yoga or qigong to help move the blockages and improve your circulation. And try different sitting or even standing postures. A chair works qute well.

  3. LalasNonni

    Meditation can be achieved in many forms such as sitting, lying down, dance, walking amongst nature, etc., Many, many forms, and each type can bring about different experiences. Not all types suit everyone, as we are individuals and what works for us, we realise through practise and persistance, and the more we do it, the greater we become aware of ourselves and our inner and outer workings. When I sit and meditate I find that this method works with my creative prowess through my third eye bringing visions and insight, where as dance and music frees my mind and lifts my energy, and walking amongst nature vibrates through my entire being, centering me in mind, body and spirit, bringing peace to my heart. As much as meditation is a necessary and healing way of life, it is fun and rejuvenating, and we should never put pressure on ourselves by having expectations of what we should achieve. Meditation has a natural way of doing whatever it is we need at the time, whether just to balance our brain, bring insight, free our stagnent energy, or heal our emotions or physical being, plus so much more. Meditation is one of those miracles that flows through us and brings about Heavenly results when we do it with an open mind and allow our beings to go with the flow. Have fun with it, learn, practise, experience, adjust and grow, and do it with the inquisitiveness and awe of a childlike state, being open minded to whatever the experience may bring. After awhile you will be able to meditate driving, watching tv, anything, it is a state of being, and the more we do this, the more it resonates and becomes a natural part of us that we can tap into and achieve at any given time, in any situation. It`s like anything, the more you practise, the better and faster it works on us. I pray God watches over, Blesses and protects you as you start and travel along your amazing journey of self discovery. God Bless xxx

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