June 21, 2023
Ask Deepak

Meditation Anxiety.


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Dear Deepak, I long to be able to meditate, but I have a fear around doing so, and a resistance. I have anxiety issues, generally, and I’m certain meditation would help. Is this normal? I have tried and been to classes.


A few people are anxious about the idea of meditating. It is usually rooted in misconceptions they have about the mind being silent and motionless. Some are afraid of the experience of empty mind. A quiet, empty mind may stir an unconscious fear of dying or losing their sense of self. This is an unbased fear. Because meditation connects you to your timeless self, it helps you overcome the fear of death and develops a stronger sense of your true self.

Even though you have taken classes in meditation, I would urge you to take individual meditation lessons from a qualified instructor who can personally guide your experience and understanding through the early days of beginning meditation, so all your questions and concerns can be addressed fully.



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