January 22, 2012

Meditation and Therapy.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

 Hi Deepak. Like many, I have had a pretty rough start in life by ways of abuse and neglect, which has left me for years trying to get back on track. Sometimes I think I'm doing OK, then I get hit with the familiar depression and anxiety that feels paralyzing. I believe I have actually come a long way.

I see a psychologist regularly, have switched to a vegan diet, am not taking any medications, try to focus on the now, and what I want for my future. I do try to meditate – take slow breaths and be still when I feel a bit out of control. Do I need to go deep in therapy and do the exercises and such, bit by bit, or will meditation alone get me there? Or perhaps both? Maybe I should mention that I don't really remember much of my childhood, except for some of the less fortunate events. I'm 40 years old and feel as if I'm still a kid, unable to move forward and still hear all the negative things over and again i n my head. Most days it's difficult to leave the house, afraid of…I guess I'm not so sure what it is that I'm afraid of. Thank you, Deepak.

Both therapy and meditation will be useful for helping you manage your depression and anxiety. Meditation alone can sometimes be sufficient, but when it is supported with therapy, it can be even more effective for situations like yours.

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  1. Valery

    Dearest one. dont listen any more to the words that hurts you. dont look back to the past or it will make a stone of you. Listen, it was not the truth about you. Its gone and you are save.this world cannot touch our real essential being. nobody can destroy what you really are. I understand you. get over it. and transform your experience to help other children. Divine Love heals you. get in it. and you will feel the resurrection of a new life. Never Love have been taking away of you because you are Love. Stand up, walk., dance. sing . meditate. do all you need to do to feel joy and celebrate that you are Loved.. you are stronger then the bad. get them out of your life, they are not part of you. Forgive them because they dont know what they are doing. and take your freedom. we dont have to give the bad stories the power over us. go forward. and dont look back.

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