December 3, 2020
Ask Deepak

Meditation and Breath Awareness.


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Whenever I sit for meditation, I always try to follow your initial procedure of being aware of my breathing, but I always end up falling asleep. I generally sit to meditate at 6:30 am and around 5 pm. Also when I try concentrating on my breathing it always gets faster and heavier, while it is actually supposed to get milder. I have tried not really concentrating, but just being aware of my breathing, so I don’t face the heavy breathing problem. Is there a solution to both these problems? Or is it that I’m not doing something right?


If the breath gets faster and heavier on its own, then it’s fine. The body is automatically self-regulating to release whatever it needs to at that time in meditation. So don’t judge it as wrong, or counter to what is “supposed” to happen. The breath will change as it needs to. When the current issue is cleared up, then the breath will get lighter and more refined naturally.  As for falling asleep, that too is what is needed right now, so don’t resist it or assume you are doing something wrong. You can make sure you get more sleep at night, but sometimes there is certain deep conditioning that requires the special sleep that comes in meditation in order to release properly. Just go with it for now, and eventually the sleepiness will no longer be needed and your meditation will be more alert and refined.



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