December 21, 2022
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Meditating Too Much.


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Dear Deepak, I wonder, can I meditate too much? My life situations right now gives me a lot of spare time and I meditate two, three hours a day. I feel extremely good and it almost gets addictive. I don´t dislike being around my friends, but people doesn’t interest me. I just want to experience being in the gap and the more I meditate the better I get at it. After meditating I feel great and can´t wait until I will do it again. I try to find a balance but at the moment it feels like I´m stuck in meditating. I´m not neglecting my kids and family but my social life is not what it used to be. Do you think I´m overdoing it?


Maybe you are overdoing it a little. It sounds like you are getting enough physical activity and social interaction to use this meditation time in a balanced way so far. But unless you are unemployed or have a very relaxed job that only takes a few hours of your time a day, I would recommend that you cut things back to an hour twice a day. Even with that, you should make sure you feel connected to your family and a few close friends.  If you start to get spacey, hypersensitive and irritable, you need to cut back and get more in your body and the present moment. It’s easy to lose perspective on yourself on this, so listen to your wife if and she says you are drifting too far away, ease off the meditation more and engage more with your family, environment and present reality.



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