March 24, 2012

Material World.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Consciousness causes brain activity and creates the properties of the material world

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  1. Shawn Conrad

    David, quantum physics does NOT teach that "thinking" in our brains creates physical matter. It creates the way we observe the physical, but not the objects themselves. Ann, I see you checked out my page; in that case you should realize that I am as far from static as one can be; willingness to change is the only way to grow or learn, and certainly the best way to have the truth. This DOESN`T mean however that one must accept every pseudo-scientific piece of drivel out there. Chopra is no doubt a smart guy in some areas, but quite a lot of what he post is just ludacris from a scientific pov.

  2. Tyra Clark

    i need this book

  3. Brett Nerwich

    mr chopra. I have lost faith in my consciousness. How do i get that faith back.

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