August 2, 2012

Masculine/Feminine Dance.


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Deepak , I am reading your daily affirmations and I ran into this one. Can you tell me what this means? "I understand the dance between the masculine and the feminine? Thank you.


Life is a constant interplay of complementary and balancing forces that can be look at as the polar energies of the masculine and feminine. Understanding the dance of these polarities is recognizing that we are not identified with any one aspect of life, neither the nurturing, receptive side, nor the directive, forceful side of Nature. Rather we are the dynamic wholeness of the interplay between the two. Knowing that we see life as a joyful dance or play that does not need to be feared or controlled, instead we simply enjoy.


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  1. Mónica

    Hola! Tomo todos los días cloruro de magnesio en ayunas. Quería saber si al combinarlo con jugo de limón , el cloruro pierde propiedades?

  2. Blacksnake

    One cannot understand the dance between the male and female in the human race until one knows the beginning. Some say creation some say evolution, but I say that creation is by far the more plausible of the two. The best written creation explanation is to be found in the Holy Bible. Evolution is everything happened by CHANCE, but what about complicated design of all things which points to a designer. People tend to look at the differences between male and female, but the truth is that there are far more things they share in common than are different. This is why they are compatible in all respects, thus they can form a wonderful life time long relationship. The ups and downs in this relationship is the DANCE of the LIFE of the relationship. That is how I see it.

  3. Aditya Sharma


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