October 11, 2013

Mantra Balance.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak, Regarding the mantra in meditation: I am having trouble figuring out the balance between giving enough attention to the mantra and giving too much. Sometimes I feel like if I am too focused on the mantra, I am unable to slip into the "gap". Other times, when I take some of that focus away, I find that I am just falling asleep, or slipping into a dream-like state, with weird visions similar to a dream. Several times I have stopped breathing during meditation, and/or felt like I slipped into the gap, but that hasn't happened for a while now, and I can't remember how I was treating the mantra when I did it. I know you say it is important NOT to try to slip into the gap during meditation, as that will hinder any chances of it actually happening. Could you explain this a little further?


There is no correct formula for how much attention should be given to the mantra in every meditation. That will be determined by what your mind and body needs at that particular time for your spiritual evolution. Your mind cannot determine what that is. That is why it is so important not to force the mind to be on the mantra and not to push against thoughts. That forcing interferes with the natural guidance of our inner intelligence which knows exactly where our attention needs to be at that particular time during meditation.


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  1. Joe Bill

    Forget the mantra. The mantra is absolute garbage. Forget the gap. The gap is rubbish. Forget slipping and forget state. Now try again. ;)

  2. Pete

    When I meditate I close everything except my ears. Ears are almost like portholes. my whole body tingles when ears are receiving waves. The key is to not mind where the sounds are coming from or why. I`m trying to get to San Jose. :) very much respect. This has been long time overdue. I believe that I have found my people/friends

  3. Esther Hadari

    The Mantra is (only) the tool to distract and purify your mind from disturbing thoughts so you van center your mind and concentrate on your hart and soul. The true love, devotion and intention behind the mantra makes it work for you, because that is who you truly are. Your own feelings and experiences with the mantra and what the mantra meens for you are unique and work only for you. So stop thinking and start feeling and trust your feelings. Because in your hart you know best all wisdom is there for you to find. Love and Light. Esther Hadari

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