April 26, 2012

Making Major Mistakes.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


When your unconscious mind creates stress, fear or anxiety it does so for what seems, at the time, to be a good reason. Unfortunately, the more I think about it now I wish I knew better. Hating how one mistake can change the entire outcome of your life. Is it poor planning, bad karma, timing or simply not meant to be. I hope I'm making sense. I would appreciate your input.


Don’t think in terms of making mistakes that change your entire life. We all need to act in the present with imperfect and incomplete knowledge. We do the best we can with what we know at the time, and if we don’t like a past decision, we can act in the present to change or modify it. Try not to look at life as a test of making the right or wrong decisions. I see it more a continuing dance of self-expression.


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  1. Viera Wisniewski

    I am at crossroads with deep questions: "What we call a mistake? How we know beforehand we are making a mistake? Sure, introduction of law tells us clearly what is permitted and what is not. Every country, family sets its own limits, rules about many things (how to live in community, school rules, work rules, etc)and not knowing is not an exuse to escape court sentence. My question is related to Life of an ordinary human being, who thinks, makes decisions and acts every day (relationships, family, health and wellbeing). I am thinking a lot about regrets or guilt that many of us must live with because of certain decisions/actions in the past. To me, Life is simply colourful canvas of experiences that we constantly have. Before spiritual awakening, there is lack of awareness and we are blind and dead. Bible states: "Forgive them, they didn`t know what they were doing". Are we really making mistakes in Life while spiritually blind, deaf or dead? Does "mistake" becomes "mistake" only after developing an awareness and not before? Should every decision/action no matter how emotionally painful/hurtful it can be, be seen only as experience that will serve "GOOD PURPOSE" at the end? Doesn`t learning about Life and ourselves leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to understanding and understanding sets as free from limitations and false beliefs? I will appreciate your opinion and value your teaching. Thank you. Love viera

  2. Sherri

    Beautiful Deepak. As one who just made a huge life "mistake" I thank you for such a great response. In love.

  3. Bk

    Sir I have this problem of self doubt and lack of self confidence in-spite of coming from a good family . How can I solve or overcome dis. Probably dis could be due to my stammering problem which has not led me open up and take challenges .

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