November 17, 2022
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Maintaining Lightness of Being.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak, I have been meditating for a few years. I follow your blogs, videos, fb page and have also gone through the 21 day meditations. Your guidance has helped me in many ways and I am so grateful for your guidance. When I meditate, I do feel a lightness of Being and sometimes when I open my eyes…I am smiling. It is beautiful. I have two questions for you. My first question is, how can I maintain that calm meditative state all throughout the day. That lightness of Being feels so beautiful but once I go about my daily routine, I become…human again. Is it possible to stay in that state through the day?

My second question is about my personal life. After many years, I opened my heart to love. I have been communicating with a close friend for 6 years and last year, our friendship blossomed into love. He has many issues though. He is clinically depressed, he is in a bad marriage and sometimes it almost feels like the weight of the whole world is on his shoulders. I try to help him, I have introduced him to meditation, encourage him to read your books and he tries. He wants to leave his wife but then he feels responsible for her (even though she has been a toxic influence in his life), he is stressed at work, he is stressed about his finances, he sleeps through his weekends and it seems like there is no end to the problems. Recently he told me that in a way, he is afraid to cure his depression because once his melancholy us gone, it might change his core. He might become a person he does not recognize!! Deepak, in a way this love is weighing me down and it seems like he does not want to cure his disease. How can I use meditation to help me out of this? I have been in love with him but I need help to come out of this but am I being selfish by thinking about walking away? I would like to find strength and the stillness within me to see clearly… Thank you so much.


As you go through the diverse activities of your day it is natural that the lightness and energy of meditation will fade. But that fading away process also plays an important role in your spiritual growth. Your daily activity is integrating that silence and light into your mind and body bit by bit. Each day after the meditation feeling has faded, there is a little bit more awakened Being anchored in you than there was the day before. The silence which accumulates is then a permanent part of you that will not fade away with your everyday activities. This is the gradual process of self-realization through the steps of meditation and action. A time comes when your lightness of Being remains steadfast in awareness regardless of your activity.

Your second question is about your friend who is afraid that curing his depression will change his core nature–that he will lose himself if he loses his illness. This indicates his deep confusion about what a core self is; one’s true self is not a personality or history built around a disability. However, putting that misunderstanding aside, I don’t believe your friend is ready to come out of his circumstances on his own anytime soon. He needs to find the clarity to ask for help. Your focus should be on cultivating a deep and strong love within yourself that will naturally lead you to the fulfilling and loving relationship you deserve.



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