March 8, 2014

Loving Animals.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak, I want to ask you about my love of animals. I like to watch videos of animals. They are cute and innocent. Some pets do unusual things and they are very smart, intuitive. I have had some pets, and I like to pamper them. Sometimes when I think about my infatuation and pampering of pets I feel like an infantile, childlike crazy person. Sometimes love is insane. But some people do some crazy things, talking for hours, sleeping with pets on bed, or they put clothes on pets not only one week but the whole year. Some people love more pets than people. It is normal and healthy pamper pets like this? Or what is right, what is too much? Sorry for bad English. You understand.


Affection for animals comes from a good place in the heart, a loving place. It doesn’t sound like you are overdoing it. What’s important is that you feel love in your heart and that love is finding an outlet.


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  1. Julie Bowman

    I believe loving animals is good for the soul. Research shows that when children connect with animals they develop more compassionate hearts for people.

  2. Debs

    Love is love. Whether it be for a person or animal. And love gives us joy and is healthy for us emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have two cats that I adore and always pat the neighbourhood cats when I go walking. They sense I love animals and always come towards me. So there`s joy all round.

  3. Bill Henderson

    I love animals but I really love dogs my dogs sleep with me and they are treated like a king and a queen. They love unconditionally and have helped sustain myself on my spiritual journey. I have been living alone for over a year and half now and they have really been my friends as I have been writting several books about the Healing of Billie My Spiritual Journey. My dogs only know love and through love they will do what ever I ask of them and they will stay by my side as they never knew what a leash was until they 5 years old. I raised them in a doggie park with other dogs and they ride with me everywhere if it is possible and we take long walks everyday. They are 7 years old and now and I take time to pet them for about 20 minutes everyday when I take time to watch a movie as I sit on the couch and one gets on one side and the other on the other side. Blessings be unto you my old fiend, Kabir

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