December 17, 2016

Love Conundrum.


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I have been dating my boyfriend for about 1 1/2 years now. When I first met him, I had just experienced a serious trauma. Since then I have been recovering, healing, and falling in love all at once. I want to spend the rest of my life with this man (which is a huge commitment considering I am 20 yrs old). Although due to my personal need to heal from my trauma, I have greatly hurt him in the long run. He has seen me hit rock bottom, plus I took a lot of my emotional anger out on him. I know that he loves me with his whole heart because it is a miracle that he is still with me to this day after I have put him through so much. Yet my conundrum is that he no longer feels my love for him. I tell him I love him every day but it just isn’t enough for him. I don’t know what to do in order to reassure him of the purity of my love for him that dwells in my heart. Do you have any suggestions? Would meditation together be a good idea? I know I seem vague and maybe cliché but I want so badly for him to believe in me. I have been seeing a professional for a few months now, and he has just begun going to someone too- which I think will help over time. Is there something I can do, something I can give him, say to him, anything that will help in the present?


If you love your boyfriend and he no longer feels your love, then it is not up to you to figure out how to convince him. He needs to tell you what he needs and then  you see if that is something you can give. It’s not clear what your trauma was or how you feel you have hurt your boyfriend.   Meditation together and counselling is all beneficial, but the main thing is that he has shut you out, and he is the only one who can tell you why and what it takes to let you back in. Try to put this discussion on practical terms and do your best avoid the implications over whose love is purer or why this has happened. Good luck.



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