April 10, 2019

Love and Uncertainty.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


In your book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success you talk about relinquishing attachment to symbols as they are transitory and being grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty. How does this law relate to relationships between partners? It is surely a natural instinct to desire closeness to other individuals, but how do we know whether this is based on insecurity and the needs of the ego or whether it is based on the desires of our true selves. Can we create close loving relationships through being grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty and relinquishing our attachment to the known? In other words is it possible to apply the law of detachment to attracting a rightful partner even though we do not have control over others?


Being grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty is the alternative to the ego being attached to a specific outcome. The ego looks for certainty and security by trying to control things. It does this by placing demands, expectations and judgments on others.

These ego demands place great strain on partnerships because asking your partner to make you feel loved, secure or happy by them behaving according to your expectations is a recipe for failure.  By embracing the wisdom of uncertainty, it’s not that you are expected to be emotionally detached or not need the closeness of others. It’s a matter of recognizing that your security and love cannot be found through the control of another, and must be discovered within yourself.  Love is actually freed up when it can flow without the ego conditions of imaginary control or certainty.



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