December 17, 2017

Love and Communion.


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   I have recently been trying to understand the meaning of a child’s ‘First Communion’ ceremony in the Roman Catholic tradition.  When I listened to  one of your videos, it seemed to be related.  I found the words that you closed with particularly meaningful: “One reality, one being, and that probably is what love is.” Is a child’s First Communion a ritual to bring alive the child’s consciousness about the reality of the oneness of Life?  Could you also please develop a little your conclusion about ‘love being one reality, one being’.  It sounds like love is the natural state of being.


Love is our natural and complete state of Being. The communion ritual is a beautiful ceremony that aligns us to that love at the core of our Being that is understood in the Roman Catholic tradition as Christ. When the priest consecrates the host and performs the ceremony of consubstantiation of the host he is bringing in that energy of Christ consciousness into every communion wafer. By taking the wafer in the mouth we are assimilating that divine love and becoming one with that Christ consciousness.



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