May 11, 2019

Looking for love.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am looking for some clarity for my foggy brain… I used to look for a romantic relationship to fill my deepest insecurities (which of course created much chaos). Now that I am clearer in the principals of “self-referral”, I really don’t know what to look for. (I am not currently with anyone)

Could you provide me with your views on what the true meaning is to be in, look for, and expectations to have in a relationship/partner, as it seems I have absorbed too many superficial ideas.


You are on the right track in moving from a need-based approach to relationships to a self-referral based approach.   What you need to bear in mind is that self-referral awareness is not looking for anything in a relationship, it is not seeking meaning, nor does it have expectations. When you know who you are,  your relationships will be a reflection of your self. Spiritual relationships are not something you pursue with an agenda in mind, they are a natural expression of who your essential nature.

Finding a mate isn’t trying to match a list of respective compatibilities, it’s more about recognizing who your soul’s evolutionary force  meshes with at a deep level. By becoming the person you want to be, you will awaken the ability to know when and who you connect well with in a loving, joyful and in mutually rewarding way. In short, be yourself, know yourself, and let the relationship form spontaneously according to the love and companionship you have to offer.



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