April 29, 2021
Ask Deepak

Longing Love in the Heart.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have reached a point in my spiritual journey where I feel a really deep love inside my heart, a longing for something I don’t even know, and it’s becoming more and more painful to bear. The need to share that love is intensifying, but I feel like my surrounding is not ready to receive it. Would it be helpful to engage in a relationship? Otherwise, how do I balance the bliss and the pain of that kind of love? I need your advice. Thank you.


That love inside your heart that is aching to express itself knows how if you will listen to it. Sit down and close your eyes. Pay attention to the beat of your heart, and just let yourself feel what is there. Listen to what it is saying, not to what you think it might be saying. Be patient and allow yourself the time to continue settling down deeper into the experience if you need to in order to really listen to what that feeling is. Once you get past all the extraneous distractions, you will have your answer. It may indicate for you to express this artistically through singing, poetry, painting or dance. Perhaps a relationship is how this love is to be channeled, or service to others. Or you may be shown that it is not necessary to know how this love is meant to be expressed, because this love is not about knowing and planning, it is about living it in the present moment without a script or mental plan – just the spontaneous joyful living of love. Either way, listen to the love and it will guide you and make its own way.



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