August 15, 2019

Living the Spiritual Laws of Success.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 I am 15 years old boy. Your book “the seven spiritual laws of success” really changed my life. it lifted me up. I thank you for your support which is so valuable.  But as I was following them one day I thought these laws are  correct but they bind me up like a cage . Because I understood them with my mind, I then I came to the conclusion that they have to be followed naturally. So I dropped them. Was that correct decision? In my board exams I got  lower marks than expected. After few days a thunder arose, it washed off my attachments , my dreams. Now I felt that I was living a hypnotized life due to my dreams. this was all because of my broken dream of board exams. I feel gratitude towards that broken dream. I feel my enlightenment near, just a spark away. But then I also feel it is a long way to go. Why? Awareness is the aspect that has not come to me. My goal is enlightenment what should I do?


You are uncommonly wise for someone your age. You are absolutely correct in realizing that the seven spiritual laws are not meant to be rules of behavior, or strict mental exercise,  but rather signposts of the  spontaneous expression of awakening consciousness.  Trying to live them from your mind rather than your core consciousness will feel binding, artificial and frustrating. When you discover that you are naturally living and expressing the spiritual laws, without trying to, then you know you are on the right track.

I think you felt relieved after your lower marks on your board exams because you realized that the dream behind that ambition was not authentically your dream, it was just something you adopted to satisfy others’ expectations of you.

Enlightenment is very close because it is only a matter of realizing your true nature, what you already are. It is as close as your breath and your inner knowingness recognizes that.  Enlightenment  can also feel like a long way off because the  old conditioning that keeps us from maintaining Self-awareness continuously does not disappear just through understanding or wishing. That conditioning is embedded in our physical bodies, and it takes the appropriate healing process for it to be released. Sometimes that can happen quickly, other times it takes longer. What you need is a daily meditation practice that will give you experience of your true Self and that will also help you release your conditioning. With an effective spiritual practice, you can stop worrying about how close or far away enlightenment is and focus on living entirely in the present moment. Not only is this the fastest way to evolve, but it is the most enjoyable and productive way as well.



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