November 1, 2016

Living the Dream.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


In your book Life after Death you state that all of this life and the afterlife is a “dream”…so in your opinion, is there a key to wake up from this “continuous dream”???  For me this is more like a nightmare…isn’t this life difficult enough to have to also know that when we pass on, we are just going to another state of “dream”….and when we finally “wake up”…. we just go into a “matrix” and exist in eternity!!!!  That sounds very boring and with no structure, don’t you think?


Life and the afterlife can be understood as a dream in the sense that it is a reality born of the creativity of our consciousness that is not yet fully awake.  When we become fully self-aware, we “wake up” from the dream-like reality of our self as a separate personality.

The continuity of the dream is the continuity of our consciousness our higher self. The suffering and difficulty you refer to is not due to the continuity of the self, it is due to lack of awareness of your true self. That is also how you wake up from the dream. That state of enlightenment is neither boring or structureless. It is a field of all possibilities, infinite bliss, love, and intelligence. This is when life starts to get interesting and fun.



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