September 30, 2022
Ask Deepak

Listening to Your Body.


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 I’ve read in your books that when you make a decision you know it’s the “right” decision if you listen to your body…however if you don’t make a decision that could potentially be good for you out of “fear”. How can you differentiate between the discomfort your body feels when you are afraid of change perhaps as opposed to the discomfort your body feels when the decision is not the right one??


The bodily response to fear is characterized by a feeling of tightness, contraction and agitation. When you are listening to your body to determine what is the appropriate decision for you, you are listening for a different type of response. When an action or decision is a good direction for you, you will feel an accompanying sensation of strength and affirmation. When the action isn’t appropriate for you, the response feels weakened or diminished, it isn’t a feeling of discomfort or contraction like you would feel with fear.



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