April 5, 2020
Ask Deepak

Lightening the Mood.


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I have some acting skills, and if I want to, I can lighten my mood by employing them. In my experience, this energy is no different from how I might feel if something “caused” my happiness. In other words, the feeling in my body is real, not fake. Should I employ these skills all the time? Or is this method too aggressive?


It’s too controlling if you try to act happy frequently or even regularly. There is a wisdom  to the natural flow of our emotions. Chronic depression is a different story, but in the normal rhythm of life, we are exuberant sometimes, more sedate or  reflective at other times. If we are sad or grieving, then that emotion is directing conscious energy to heal  the pain. It’s kind of like our emotional immune system.  If we try to make ourselves happy, or chipper all the time, then we lose connection to that healing intelligence of our emotional response.  So instead of allowing our natural emotional response to be what it is and work to heal past trauma, we are short-circuiting that response by imposing a light mood on top of the sadness. The happiness can feel real to you, but it is not a happiness that is arising from your core evolutionary needs in response to your present situation.



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