November 18, 2022
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Light Sleeper.


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Hello Deepak, I’m always laughing and it comes out naturally even if I don’t want to. But there’s something in me that doesn’t allow me to be comfortable with myself, like feeling internal peace. I’m a light sleeper always aware and very sensitive to sound. When I sleep any strong smell coming from my neighbor’s apartment wakes me up. What can I do to feel peace and not to be afraid while I sleep. Thank you so much for your help.


Some people can be light sleepers without it being an issue of fear. For that, you will want to establish a healthy sleep routine. Eat a light and early dinner. Do not stimulate the mind with mental work or by watching intense TV in the evening. You can calm down and relax with soothing music, or perhaps a bath. Go to bed by 10 pm. To take care of environmental sounds, you may want to sleep with a white noise machine or something with soothing nature sounds. For the smells, perhaps set up an aromatherapy diffuser with something calming like lavender in it. Make sure that your bedroom is as dark as possible, or use a sleep mask over your eyes. Finally, find a temperature that works best for you, where you can stay comfortably warm, but not get too hot. If you do wake up, don’t get up and read or work. Stay lying down with your eyes closed and allow your body to rest until your mind rejoins it in sleep. 

Try these measures and see if they help.



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