March 9, 2021
Ask Deepak

Light and Energy Meditation Experience.


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I have practiced meditation sporadically for the last 5 years. I was instructed in mindful meditation and it has been enriching. However I had one experience that I have not been able to understand. Three years ago (The night after I saw you speak in Madison WI) I sat and practiced meditation and I felt something notably different than any other state that I had ever experienced. My eyes were closed but I saw bright white light and my vision no longer seemed directional. My body also felt different, it felt light and charged with vitality, and my chest felt swollen and excited, but this was all in the background of my perception. As soon as I felt my brain begin to become self-aware of this state it ended and I was left with a warm hum in my body. I have thought about it a lot since and I have begun to miss it, I felt boundless. Where was I? How did I go there? –Curious


That is a very profound and real spiritual experience of your true nature. You “went there” by taking your attention from the active state of the mind to its quiet source in pure consciousness. The ancient sages describe this reality as unbounded awareness, infinite energy, intelligence and light. That is why your body felt light and energized and why your vision was omnidirectional. There is a phrase in South India that speaks of this experience: “when the body becomes all eyes.”

This inner state of reality is always there operating at your core level of existence. Once your body is able to sustain this state at all times, you will be enlightened, or filled with the light of your own self-realization.



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