December 6, 2022
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Life Purpose.


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Dear Deepak, Concerning dharma. How do I know my life’s purpose? I have my own company, a happy family and I make enough money to live a good life. I have plenty of spare time to do what I love to do and I´m really trying to find something that gives my life a meaning. The problem is I like to do a lot of different things. I don´t feel I´m extremely good at just one thing I´m just pretty good at doing whatever. I don´t have a burning desire to do just one thing. How do I find my life’s purpose? It feels like I have “find my dharma” but I don’t know how. Grateful for help.


Living your dharma does not have to mean that you must have a crystal clear vision of your life purpose or having a burning passion or world-class talent. Living your dharma is not about discovering what picture you are supposed to look like, it is living a state of consciousness that brings forth your contribution to the universe however it needs to in the present moment. Everyone’s dharma derives from their Being, or state of consciousness, not their external actions.  You know you are following your spiritual path if you feel connected to your source consciousness and that consciousness is flowing easily into your life activities. So if you enjoy the work you do with your company and have a loving and happy family life, then you are already living your dharma. Your life is expanding in happiness, love and understanding, so you have already found your life purpose.



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