April 12, 2023
Ask Deepak

Life Goals and Living in the Present.


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Hi Deepak, I am working at being more present and aware in my life as I tend to be a natural big picture thinker and day dreamer. However I also have ambitious career and life goals that I am driven towards. How do we balance living in the moment but also planning for our future? Such as college education and careers, things that require planning and vision.


You can practice being present even while you hold long term goals in mind. The secret is not to project yourself into the future end state while you are moving toward it. By staying in the moment, you are alert and adaptable to what needs to be done right now and your vison remains clear so that your deeper goals can come into focus and you are not invested in an obsolete old vision out of habit. If a hiker is told there is a cabin 3 miles across open country where he can stay the night, he has a goal in mind. But to get there he needs to be alert and mindful of every step along the way. He can’t just imagine himself there in the cabin. And he has to be alert and present to avoid obstacles. He may have to walk a mile out of his way to avoid a marsh or to find a bridge across a river. And if he is too stuck on the mental image he has of the cabin, at a distance he may mistake the first shed he sees as his cabin. Being in the moment is not inertia. It’s intelligent movement and progress toward a goal or fulfillment. 



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