September 24, 2020
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I have most of my life worked in the business world. I have also been meditating for a long time now. I have totally lost interest in the business world and not sure what to work with. I am trying to find what is life’s purpose for me. Have searched for this for many years and still no clarity. Meditated upon it and surrendered etc. In the mean time I am going with the flow and doing my best but my soul is dying in this process. Do you have any good advice how to not feel so drained and find one’s purpose? Thank you.


Even if it is not yet apparent what your new direction of work is to be, that won’t kill your soul. It sounds like you are fed up with your business career, but aren’t really confident there is something else out there that you are as good at and through which you can make a living. I think it is that doubt inside you that is blocking your guidance toward something new. If you have been meditating and surrendering for a long time on the talents you have that could be of service to others and you have not come up with anything, and instead feel drained and lost, then you are still deeply conflicted. Perhaps you are in fact living your purpose in the business world but are only judging it as unspiritual and boring and only need to take it in a different direction that could help more people.  If you really do need to leave the business world completely, then maybe you need to build up  more of a financial cushion before leaving to give you the sense of freedom  to really commit to the new life. Regardless, you need to look more closely at your basic feeling that is telling you to leave your career and figure out where that is really coming from.



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