February 18, 2020
Ask Deepak

Letting Go of Struggle.


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I had a pretty dysfunction childhood that seems to be haunting me in the present ..I continuously seemed to be “going up” stream in my life, against the current and it’s exhausting plus I have not gotten really anything that I’ve wanted ie family, husband, children, career that I am passionate about ..I think what I am is filled with apathy because its been such a struggle (I made it hard)
My question is how do you surrender and how to you lets go “apathy”??? You talk about the dog that just stays put receiving the shocks over and over again ..thinking somehow I deserve all this pain.


What you are describing is a kind of defeatism, and you don’t deal with defeatism with a conventional approach to surrendering. You need to look at the presumptions or beliefs underlying your defeatist assessment of your life as a struggle without the comforts of loving relationships or meaningful work. First of all, it assumes that your happiness is something to be won by getting what you want by overcoming the adversarial forces of life. When you don’t get them, you feel exhausted and tell yourself you don’t care anymore (apathy). This view might well have formed from early childhood, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it any longer, since it is not helping you in any way.

Adopt a different perspective; instead of seeing yourself fighting against the stream of life, see the stream of life as your life force. What you are currently experiencing and living is what you need to be right now, and the sooner you can accept and live in the present, the sooner it can change into the next phase of your growth and fulfillment. Your expectations and idealizations keep you from fully embracing and living the rightness of your current life, and that is the struggle you are experience. If you drop the ego expectations of what your life should be, then you allow present reality to transform into what you truly need.



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