April 10, 2015

Let It Be.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 Dear Deepak,

I’m enclosing a quote from Byron Katie which puzzles me: “Just let it be. You may as well; it is. Everything moves in and out at its own time. You have no control. You never did; you never will”. I heard you speak about free will and even about ‘attracting’ things, people or circumstances in our own life. How does that idea combine with BK’s statement?

Thank you very much and I look forward to your kind reply



Free will is such a puzzling topic in large part because it is so poorly defined. Byron Katie is not suggesting that we are not conscious agents with no ability to think or act with intention. After all she chooses to  teach and write books to improve people’s lives, and that assumes people have the option of listening, understanding and applying that teaching.

What she is talking about there is action with a motive to change us from a state of unhappiness to happiness.  This is will power from the point of view of separation, trying to fix a sense of inner fear, insecurity by changing someone else’s behavior or  by changing the environment.  We don’t have that kind of control. As the Bhagavad Gita says: we have control over our actions, but do not have control over the results of those actions for ourself or on others. Byron Katie is speaking to that understanding.

And when I write about transforming life through conscious intention, it is about aligning one’s thoughts and feelings with the universe, so that our spiritual evolution and growth is supported by cosmic intelligence. That growth is not through control, force or effort either.



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  1. Ala

    Some doctor did tv program similar as Dr. Oz. She did episode about people´s behavior what is normal what is not. Sometimes people say smart quotes. But when she asked to people do you think this is normal? They said yes or no. She said it is normal. I like her attitude because of not what she said but how she said it with confidence. Good looking smart people are confident powerful role models for people.People would think about it when they have similar problem or they feel insecure.They would ask themselves what is normal what is not. They would stop do bad things because they dont want look like weak insecure people.

  2. Ala

    N: Maybe you mean people have to be strict but with some balance, with confidence. It is difficult to avoid negativity, when people see some injustice. They are affected of it, they must change thinking, because of mental health. Some said unconsious mind is million times poweful than consciousness, therefore people are stressed they have problem to get confidence.

  3. Ala

    Maybe it is also about discipline. Some say success means pretend to be someone, until you become someone. Good people have good friends. Because they give positive energy. They are smart.

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