December 3, 2012

Lesbians in Heaven.


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Hello, First I wanna say THANK YOU for the amazing 21 day meditation challenge, it has been amazing. I'm a young girl of Christian faith and lately I have developed feelings for girls. I just want to know do lesbians go to heaven? Please help me I am so confused! Is it right for me to be attracted to girls or must I fight this emotion? Please help Thank you!


There is nothing wrong with a young woman noticing that they have sexual feelings for another woman. And simply having same-sex attraction at this age does not imply that you are a lesbian. Maybe things will change, maybe they won’t. For some people sexual identity can be confusing. Try not to struggle or worry about identifying yourself according to your sexuality. Instead continue to focus on your spiritual growth and on becoming a loving and compassionate person. However your sexual identity takes shape, if you are a kind person, I’m sure that who you love will not keep you out of heaven.


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  1. Lex

    When will we ALL come to realize that religious organizations ARE the problem. They are simply groups of men and women who seem to think they have the right to play mediator and moralizer for some deity they think watches from above??? Who told you there was a heaven and why do you believe them? Think for yourself, question everything and ignore organized religion. It is poisonous!! Remember these are NOT moral organizations - they are moralizing organizations who discriminate,judge,criticize,abuse and control others through fear. The very fact that these organizations have led you to believe that you may not be going to a place called heaven because of your sexual attractions is testament to that. Organized religion is an ugly, ugly damaging fairytale.

  2. Myriam Fonseca M.

    Depende de la percepción que tengamos sobre cielo,y según mis creencias todos nos convertiremos en polvo. Entonces creo que si van al cielo.

  3. Eliana Moscoso

    Viva Deepak Hasta a ti te gusta el Perü yehhhhh

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