March 7, 2012

Leaving the In-laws.


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Me and my husband lived with my in-laws for 10 years, then we moved out since 6 months. My in-laws want us to move back with them. Sometimes I think we to move back with them, and sometimes I think it is good for us to live separate. I cannot decide what is best for all our souls not our egos.


I assume you and your husband had good reasons to move out after ten years, so if those reasons still apply, then I see no reason to move back. Having your own home and place to be yourselves can be so important for a married couple, especially if they haven’t had that for 10 years, so I don’t know why you would want to go back to a situation where you would have less ability to make decisions for yourselves. It’s nice that they have invited you back, but after 10 years of marriage under someone else’s roof, don’t you think it’s time to figure out what you two want and then go about living your own lives?


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  1. Olu

    If I were in a situation such as this- of which I can`t even let myself- I would prefer to build my home with my husband, for that will give us- my husband and me- all the autonomy we need to make decisions on our own; to be more responsible for our lives; and to make us enjoy the sanctity, sacredness, and blessings of a married life. This doesn`t stop me from always visiting and loving my in-laws, of course. Marriage is too serious to be taken or treated with nonchalance.

  2. lopk nice comments

  3. Sarah Mclaughlin

    Grammar isn`t the topic i think Pete or maybe i`m in the wrong classroom,, The times u spoke of are all but gone becasue man has forgotten what its like to be what we are animals Pack animals,, If the lady didn`t care about her inlaws she wouldn`t have asked the question,,,,,

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