October 16, 2020
Ask Deepak

Leaving One’s Religion.


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Dear Deepak, I was raised in a strictly bible-believing evangelical home. Upon entering college I began to research religion, and meet new people from different backgrounds. Being exposed to new experiences has immensely changed the way I see the world. I am now simply searching for the truth and am no longer a Christian. Should I tell my parents that I no longer believe what they have taught me and risk breaking their hearts and being disowned, or is it better to be dishonest with them to maintain their acceptance and peace of mind? It seems there is no “good option.” Could my purpose in life be to break free/show them how to see differently? Thank you so much for your time it means a great deal.


I suggest you look deeply at the principles you have uncovered so far in your search for the truth, and see what overlap there may be with the best aspects of your evangelical background. It may be in the teachings of compassion and service to others or the power of forgiveness, looking to improve one’s self and not judging others – whatever it is, let that be what you emphasize when you talk with your parents. Thank them for instilling in you what you feel are the best aspects of Christian thinking that you find relevant. If you are to show them a different way, it is more likely to happen by demonstrating how you have grown from what they taught you, rather than think that they will listen to why you have categorically rejected their beliefs.



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